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Terms and Conditions

VirtualLEI operates as an LEI Registration Agent. VirtualLEI is owned and managed by Preston Virtual Ltd “PV”. PV is a UK based, globally operating company. To find out more about PV please visit our website www.prestonvirtual.com

VirtualLEI is not a Local Operating Unit (LOU) and functions only as a Registration Agent. VirtualLEI has a formal Referral Agreement with RapidLEI.

RapidLEI.com is an online service owned and managed by Ubisecure Oy (“Ubisecure”). Ubisecure is a global provider of Identity Assurance products and solutions for Government, Financial, Health, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical and other organisations, see the website for further details: www.ubisecure.com

 VirtualLEI does not share any data submitted via the website www.virtuallei.com. Data is only used for enquiry purposes.

 Data for an LEI application is submitted via the RapidLEI website www.rapidlei.com, not via www.virtualei.com. Details of RapidLEI’s terms and conditions may be found here: https://rapidlei.com/documents/lei-platform-terms-of-service/ 

VirtualLEI is not liable for any data submitted externally of our website, or for any data submitted to websites accessed via any of the PV domains.